A bimonthly publication featuring articles relating to human rights issues and updates on the work of the Institute of Human Rights.

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Annual report

This provides a comprehensive coverage of projects undertaken by the institute. It also provides a financial statement on how funding is distributed amongst various project components.

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Right Now Video series

This is a series of 26 short video reports that seek to interest people of Sri Lanka on issues pertaining to their rights and promote discussion of these concerns.
It is based on human rights issues that are found to be especially relevant in the current Sri Lankan context; the series goes beyond a legalistic perspective to explore the human dimension of these concerns.

The series cover a wide range of issues within the broader categories of:

  • Socio- Cultural and political rights
  • Socio- Cultural Rights
  • Human Rights and Conflict
  • Women’s Rights
  • Human Rights and Development
  • Children’s Rights

An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.

Mahatma Gandhi