Human Rights Education and Training

Diploma in Human Rights

With human rights awareness and education IHR aims at social mobilization. The organization’s work under this programme area revolves around understanding and promoting respect, and critical reflection. Raising awareness and changing attitudes on human rights are the results that IHR hopes to achieve towards engaging citizens of Sri Lanka in the process of education and training.

  • Diploma course in human rights in all three languages (open to the public)
  • Awareness programs on human rights
  • Dissemination of promotional material on human rights
  • Specialized training programs
    • Intensive training in human rights for the Sri Lanka Army
    • Paralegal training for Gramasevaka Nildaris (village level government officers) and selected NGO personnel
    • Course in conflict resolution (open to the public)

Diploma in Human Rights Application forms available online for download:

You will need to download and install the following font files to view the Sinhala and Tamil application forms:

Download Fonts

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