Posted onJanuary 3, 2013

Children’s programme was held for Mauvpiya Sevana Home for Children, Kottawa  &  Sucharithodaya Children’s Home, Maharagama.

Mauvpiya Sevana Home for Children home programme was held on the 03rd October 2012. 11 children participated in the programme. Children were between 6 -16 yrs of age.

For the Sucharithodaya Children’s Home 02 progarmes were conducted for 2 groups on the 29th & 30th November 2012. The two groups were age between 6- 11 yrs and 12 – 15 yrs .

Applied Theater Activity

Introduction of IHR was given for Children and for the staff of the home. Got to know about the children their names, age.

Therapeutic activities were done as below.

01st Activity – Applied Theater (45 minutes)

1.  Three wheeler driving activity

2.  Statue

3.  Clay (creating images)

02nd Activity – Art Therapy (45 minutes)

Children were given drawing papers and colour        pastels to draw how they see their future.

Art Therapy

03rd Activity – Paper cutting (30 minutes)

Children were given colour papers, Scissors, Glue bottle, Strings. Where children were able to use the papers in a free style in creating images and design pasting and was given an idea how to work out with the string for their paper cutting.

paper cutting


The objective of this whole programme was to bring out the hidden skills of the children, interact with each other and share their problems and looking at different solutions to their ideas which are hidden within them.

Ms. Tahirih Q Ayn (Psychotherapist, psychosocial programme) facilitated the programme and the programme was coordinated by Ms. Hashini and Duminda & Kanadasan gave support for the programme.


Popular Stationers sponsored the stationery items and Perera & Sons sponsored for the refreshments.